While this is not an exhaustive list of all tasks carried out in support of clubhouse operation, we have prepared a general overview of responsibilities.  Each unit independently performs outreach to absent members as a courtesy. 


  • Club Fellowship follows what is known as a work ordered day.  This means that Club Fellowship is open at least five days a week from 9-5 for the members and staff. 
  • All Clubhouse meetings are open to both members and staff and there are no formal member only meetings or formal staff only meetings where program decisions and member issues are discussed.
  • Members have the opportunity to participate in all the work of the Clubhouse via work units. 
  • Tasks in the Clubhouse are organized through the use of a whiteboard. 



  • The membership unit is primarily clerical oriented tasks working with paper and/or a computer.
  • The membership unit functions as a record keeper of clubhouse activities, publishes a monthly newsletter composed by the general membership.
  • Members with no previous experience with computers can develop basic typing skills, learn to access Internet resources, and work with the Microsoft Office suite of applications.




  • While each unit is responsible for keeping their work area clean, the Hospitality unit is the primary provider of janitorial services for the Clubhouse facility
  • The Hospitality unit also operates store fronts for internal fund raising. A thrift store, and as well as a snack bar helps raise funds that pay for social events organized by the clubhouse.




  • Culinary is the primary provider of meals served in the clubhouse
  • In addition to food preparation, the Culinary unit is also responsible for keeping the kitchen area clean.
  • The Culinary unit holds regular kitchen safety training for members to learn safe food handling methods and operation of tools and equipment.